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    Globus Relief: Your Humanitarian Non-Profit Solution to Improved Healthcare Worldwide.

    Globus Relief collaborates with hospitals, medical manufacturers, medical distribution companies, and other organizations working in the healthcare industry. Globus Relief is also involved in hospital closures, asset management, liquidations and consignment opportunities.

    Humanitarian medical product categories that Globus focuses on are in the area of:

    • Disposable and Reusable Supplies
    • Medical Equipment and Devices
    • Dental Equipment, Instruments and Supplies
    • Ophthalmic Equipment, Instruments and Supplies
    • Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
    • Instrumentation
    • Pharmaceuticals and Nutritional Supplements 

    The following are examples of some of the resources that Globus Relief manages on a daily basis: surgical equipment, operating room tables, operating room lights, surgical microscopes, sterilizers, surgical instruments, endoscopic equipment, endoscopic accessories, anesthesia equipment, anesthesia monitors, imaging equipment, x-ray, ultrasound machines, ultrasound accessories, CT scanners, MRI, nuclear x-ray equipment, nuclear x-ray supplies, large generators, water systems, exam tables, exam lights, lab supplies, centrifuges, microscopes, analyzers, OB/GYN equipment, patient monitors, ECG machines, ECG supplies, EKG machines, EKG supplies, respiratory equipment, respiratory supplies, pulse oximeters, supplies for emergency medicine, defibrillators, dialysis machines, dialysis supplies, hospital beds, patient room furniture, gurneys, wheelchairs, and walkers, alcohol prep pads, wipes, and swabs, anesthesia masks, antibiotic creams, anti-inflammatory ointments, bandages, band aids, braces, splints, casting materials, infant diapers, adult diapers, endotracheal tubes, exam supplies, blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes,  tubing extensions, gauze sponges, gauze pads, surgical gloves, exam gloves, general nursing equipment, general nursing supplies, sterile drapes, unsterile drapes, surgical caps, surgical boots, surgical scrubs, surgical masks, surgical instruments, sutures, tape, urinary supplies, catheters, wound dressings.  We also provide nutritional supplements, vitamins, and personal hygiene products for adults, children and infants.