“Globus has proven they aretruly committed to the humanitarian process for improvement of world health. Partnering with this exceptional organization supports McKesson’s mission to make a difference in the lives of those in great need. Once again, we are honored to play a role in the successful accomplishments of … Globus Relief.” Kimberly Shaw, Business Analyst – Reverse Logistics


“Organizing and serving on medical missions to the developing world is one of my passions. Frankly, my teams could not be successful without the support and generosity of Globus Relief. Globus Relief plays a critical role for hundreds of non-profit charities and also is an extremely efficient way for companies to get their product donations directly into the right hands. Globus Relief’s innovative inventory system truly is a win-win-win for the supply chain, charities and ultimately the patients that desperately need help. The medical resources donated through the partnership have a significant impact on health care initiatives around the world. I can’t stress enough the valuable and important role Globus Relief plays in getting critically needed care to the developing world.” Pete Allen, Senior Vice President – Sourcing Operations


“Globus Relief has a mission and supportive activities that are very impressive. All they do is for the good of the poor and needy of all parts of the world. Their not-for-profit administrative costs are some of the lowest in the country. I recommend any company to consider support the Globus Relief organization in any way they can. That can come from donating product, equipment, and even time. It’s a great cause! I am proud to be associated with Globus Relief, both from a personal viewpoint but also as I represent Intermountain Healthcare." Brent Johnson, Vice President – Supply Chain

“The main benefit for Intermountain Healthcare is that we can put the surplus supplies in a trusted place (Globus Relief), and know what they are going to do with it.” - John Pingree


"The Medline Surgical Glove Division has partnered with Globus Relief for the past 3 years. Throughout this time Globus Relief’s staff has displayed prompt donation pick-up schedules and exceptional communication to help Medline play a part in Globus Relief’s efforts to provide surgical gloves to medical facilities across the world. A vital resource in Medline’s 'Glove Swap-Out Program,' where unused sterile surgical gloves are picked up from facilities across the US, Globus Relief is an organization that has also impacted the way that Medline’s customers view our products. We are not only here to ensure the safety of both staff and patients but also, with help from Globus Relief, give back to the community. The staff at Globus Relief ensures we see the fruits of our efforts by sending thank you notes and pictures from places where our surgical gloves have made a great impact within underprivileged healthcare settings." Sabrina Praljak, Associate Product Manager – Surgical Glove Division

“Exceptional. Exceeds industry standards and outperforms most charities in its cause.”

- Charity Navigator Rating Guidelines

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