Globus Relief understands the risks and complications of donating medical resources. We value our relationship with our donor partners, our greatest asset, and feel a responsibility to protect them. To alleviate many concerns associated with in-kind donations, we have provided a streamlined system to make your charitable giving easy, safe and cost-effective. We have invested heavily in IT systems and detailed processes that enable us to adhere to donor restrictions, track donation uses and provide comprehensive reporting services. We feel that our processes and systems are among the best in the industry. 

Read below for answers to frequently asked questions related to donations and Globus Relief’s donation process. Have a question you don’t see listed? Contact us here. 

What about product liability? Am I at risk for what I send?  

Every donated product goes through a rigorous two-step evaluation process. Through this process, you can be assured that every product donated out to healthcare projects will be of the highest quality, thus avoiding the potential for product liability issues.

How will Globus Relief protect my donation from product diversion?  

When donating supplies or equipment to charity, you intend for those resources to reach those who need it most. Unfortunately, in the developing world, if not monitored closely, products have the potential of being misappropriated or diverted for personal or political gain. Globus has developed a network of over 1,000 qualified charities and other partner organizations working in over 140 countries throughout the world. Each of these meets a prescribed set of operating and accountability standards that help ensure proper use of the equipment and supplies they receive. Globus regularly follows up on the distribution of donated product to ascertain proper use and verify the impact these resources have had.

How will Globus Relief prevent my donation from eroding my normal market channels?  

You have established valuable distribution channels and markets for your products. In order to maintain your established valuable distribution channels and markets, Globus believes you have the right to dictate where your donations can and cannot be directed. Using our proprietary inventory management system, we can attach geographic restrictions to each donated item, if requested. We adhere to these restrictions when preparing humanitarian shipments. For example, product restricted from domestic distribution will only be sent internationally.

How much of my effort will donating require?   

We have created an easy and streamlined donation process that respects your time and money. Our Donor Relations team provides a single point of contact from start to finish. With one call, our Donor Relations representative will gather the needed donation description and information. Our logistics team will then facilitate a quick and effective donation pick-up, including transportation and documentation for all donated items.

How will I know how my donation was used?  

As a stakeholder, you deserve to know that your donations are making a difference. Globus Relief’s custom system allows us to track donated items from receipt at our warehouse to location of distribution. We provide comprehensive reports upon request, including stories and photos on when, where and how your donations made an impact.

What products do you accept?  

Globus Relief accepts any items that would be suitable in a medical or dental setting including supplies, instruments and, upon approval, equipment. There are a few expired supplies that we can accept, but for most we require 6+ months dating. We do not accept used durable medical equipment or medications that have been prescribed to an individual or that are hazardous or liquid.

What can I expect to pay to have my product shipped to Globus Relief? 

We are always appreciative when donors are willing and able to pay a portion or all of the shipping costs. We do, however, recognize this is not always a possibility and have processes in place that allow Globus Relief to arrange and pay for shipping costs as needed.

100% of your donation is applied to humanitarian projects.

Charity Status: Your contribution will be used in compliance with Section 170(e)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and supports Globus Relief's non-profit public charity 501(c)(3) tax-exempt purposes. If you need further information about the eventual humanitarian use of your contribution, please contact us or consider visiting our warehouse for a tour.

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