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There is a staggering need for medical resources from humanitarian and non-profit organizations around the world. These hospitals, clinics, medical missions, and charities struggle to obtain vital equipment and supplies with their limited budgets.  There is an equally pressing need from healthcare organizations, like yours, for direction as to how to place surplus and unused resources where they are needed most. 

Globus Relief’s services and expertise benefits donors and charities alike; Globus bridges the gap between redirecting your surplus inventory and helping charitable organizations receive valuable medical resources. 

Your trade-out, slow moving, surplus, and retired inventory will enable physicians in all parts of the world to provide life-saving and life-enhancing procedures. Your donations will directly improve the delivery of healthcare domestically and abroad. 

Corporate & Individual Donors

1. Contact us at or (801) 977-0444 with the name of your organization and a description of your items to donate.

2. We will arrange the logistics to transport your donation to our Salt Lake City warehouse. 

3. Upon processing your donation, we will mail you a Letter of Receipt to be used for tax purposes.  

Local Donors

If you are in the greater Salt Lake area and have a donation of medical equipment or resources, please contact us at or (801) 977-0444 to arrange your donation. You can print off, fill out and bring the Walk-In Donation Form, or we will ask you to fill one out when you arrive.

Note that we cannot accept personal medications or other resources not suitable for humanitarian use.  Please contact us at the information above if you have questions about the items you wish to donate.

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Charity Status: Your contribution will be used in compliance with Section 170(e)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and supports Globus Relief's non-profit public charity 501(c)(3) tax-exempt purposes. If you need further information about the eventual humanitarian use of your contribution, please contact us or consider visiting our warehouse for a tour.

Have a question about donating? Contact us at