Donors are the lifeblood of Globus Relief. Without them, our ability to fulfill our mission to provide life-saving medical products around the world would cease. The impact that we’ve enjoyed over the years is due to the strong partnerships we’ve developed with our donors. Together we have distributed medical equipment and supplies to over 800 qualified charities&nbspin over 140 countries and within the United States. We can't do what we do without our donors.   

At Globus Relief, we never cease to be amazed with the times a donor will contribute product and within days, a charity partner will communicate a specific need for that product. We couldn’t meet the varied needs of our charity partners without donors' generosity.  

We are committed to providing valuable service and efficiency to our donors. Donors can take comfort in knowing that their generosity has a global impact that enhances the delivery of healthcare. The process begins with the appropriate disposition of resources and ends with thousands of changed lives. Many of those individuals will never know who helped them in their time of need. 


General Distribution
Doctors treat patients in many areas of the world that lack the supplies and equipment needed to provide life saving services. Globus Relief understands the needs of people, doctors, hospitals and clinics in these countries. We evaluate the needs of the recipient site, consult with them, and then send the most useful resources. Our focus on quality and efficiency helps us maximize the end results of your donations through a strategic, streamlined process. 

Disaster Relief
In response to international disasters, Globus Relief often partners with other organizations to send essential medical supplies and equipment to the areas in need. Your donations may ease the transition between tragedy and healing for devastated countries, families, and individuals. 

Hospitals & Clinics
In conjunction with Globus Relief’s numerous partner charities, and through our assessment protocol, we are able to participate in the outfitting of numerous hospitals and clinics throughout the world. The equipment that is sent is always in excellent working condition and fits the needs of the particular location to which it is sent. In addition, a large variety of reusable and disposable supplies are included to help with the day-to-day operations. Our staff works closely with end users to ascertain that equipment is properly placed and that recipients received needed technical support and training.  

Mission Groups
Community minded individuals throughout the world participate regularly, or just once, in humanitarian missions. They do this in an effort to make a difference. With the generosity of your donations, orthopaedic, dental, cleft lip & palate, ophthalmic, urological and cardiac missions will continue to go to villages, inner cities, countries and individuals who are so grateful for the generosity of so many. 

Community Development
Globus Relief participates with humanitarian partners locally and throughout the world in nutrition, hygiene, medical training, refugee and orphan care, homeless support services, animal welfare, health fairs, veteran’s assistance and substance abuse treatment programs, to name a few. Individually, these offering may not seem like much, but combined together with the constant good work of individuals involved in each programs, the impact is vast and very positive. 

Cash Donations
Cash donations are also imperative, as they aid us by defraying the cost of acquiring, handling, processing and shipping needed medical product. Globus Relief applies 100% of all cash donations to support humanitarian projects; zero dollars are applied to administrative costs. We welcome financial donations to help alleviate the shortage of medical supplies that many lower-income hospitals and clinics need.

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100% of your donation is applied to humanitarian projects.

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Charity Status: Your contribution will be used in compliance with Section 170(e)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and supports Globus Relief's non-profit public charity 501(c)(3) tax-exempt purposes. If you need further information about the eventual humanitarian use of your contribution, please contact us or consider visiting our warehouse for a tour.

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